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Because it has to be one of my favorite movies of all time, because the new manga volume just came out, and because I do not want David Bowie to be very disappointed with me, today’s post is going to be about the fabulously 80’s, fabulously glittery, Labyrinth.

Goblin King & Sarah, Ballroom Scene

Goblin King & Sarah, Ballroom Scene

When people tell me they’ve never seen Labyrinth, I act better than when people tell me they’ve never seen Star Wars, but I’m sure the air of disbelief and disapproval hangs heavy.+ If you’re a fan of Labyrinth, you will heartily join in and say it has everything: romance, adventure, comedy. And it does all of it such wonderful, balanced, justice that no matter how many times you’ve seen the movie, there is always something new . This, personally, is why I think Labyrinth is one of the largest and strongest fanfictions and fanart genres on the internet.*



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I know, I know.  I finally say that I have a regular update time and I don’t do it. And I totally understand that saying I’ve been busy is no excuse.  I don’t actually have any bloggy-ish things for you yet, although I am hoping to have something for you soon, but I do have a few exciting links and news for everyone!

Merlin heads to the US — I’m so excited! I’ve heard fabulous things about this series and its actually coming to national prime time here in the states without “Americanization”. I definitely will be giving this show a chance this summer.

Watch all 22 Episodes of Legend of the Seeker — I thoroughly recommend this show to anyone who vaugely remembers enjoying Hercules with Kevin Sorbo or just enjoys a really fabulously written and executed fantasy show. I wish ABC would put this on prime time, but right now, catch it on hulu while its free.

Legend of the Seeker

On the internship front, I’m having (its still early remember) time at The Lancaster Heritage Center. I’ve already learned so much about a working history museum.  It’s very promising.

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