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If you know me, you know I’ve been closely following this movie since the first on set pictures of Ben Barnes surfaced months ago.  Now I have the unbelievable pleasure of posting the first trailer for Dorian Gray here:

Prince Caspian, your picture has just reaffirmed why it is above my computer.

Dorian Gray stars Ben Barnes and Colin Firth.


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Desperate Romantics (main cast)

In the last 3 weeks, I’ve not only completely fell in love with BBC’s Merlin on CBS, but can’t get enough of Being Human, Tess of the D’Urbervilles, and Desperate Romantics.

How is this possible? Simple. For me, BBC simply has better tv. And two of them deal strictly within a historical/literary background.* This is where BBC always gets it right. They’re the masters of fantasy-drama or just the historical-drama.

Yes, Merlin is more modern retelling of the French/British classic and yet the storytellers of Merlin are able to mix a great amount of historical fantasy and plot, in a new and interesting way, with more modern relationships. Need I not remind everyone of the failure that was Crusoe on NBC? Such is an example of how the American tv medium gets it wrong consistently, especially with something that’s not a crime drama.

The point of this isn’t that American television is bad, but that British television gets it right. And when they get it right, they get it so right.  Turn to Desperate Romantics. (more…)

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Its rather appropriate that my blog post *finally* will about about my volunteering at Independence Hall so close to July 4th. Today was my first big-girl for-reals drive into the city in order to volunteer, and besides the sick amount of money I paid for parking, it was wonderful.

Indpendence Hall, view from court yard

Independence Hall, view from court yard

In getting to really study the Hall itself there are some awesome things you get to find out. Like the crest over the courtroom? The naked bird figure painted on it was a commission of a bald eagle. However, the german painter commissioned had never seen a bald eagle so it came out looking like a plucked turkey vulture.


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